Quina Santa Catalina

Sweet wine with 15% x 9 Baume obtained from Malvasia grapes carefully selected strains in their optimum ripeness. Originally from Greece and acclimated for millennia in our sunny Spain, this variety is particularly suitable for the preparation of this delicious sweet and balanced wine.

Best taken in the appetizer, dessert and table.

  • Type of Wine: Quinado Sweet
  • Area of production: Valentian Community
  • Grapes Varieties: Malvasia an Macabeo
  • Type of bottle: Jerezana. 1 litro
  • Containers: Boxes of 6 one-liter bottles
  • Boxes of 6 one-liter bottles
  • Alcohol Content: 15% Vol.
  • Density:1.0645
  • Baume degress: 8.8l
  • Free SO2: 28 mg/l – Total So2: 128 mg/l
  • Total Acidity: 2.5 g/l – Volatile Acidity: 0.36 g/l




  • The grapes used are: malvasía and macabeo. Their fermentation is either total or partial as needed. A “coupage” of the different sweet or dry wines is performed. These wines are selected.

  • We add the extract of the Cinchoa calisaya tree bark.

  • We stabilize it with cold temperature and we filter it. The time od preservation in an unopened bottle is between 36/48 months ideal conditions.

  • Under normal conditions. ½ bottle od Cinchona can remain 16/24 months without is organoleptic qualities altered.

  • The conditions of the bottled wine become better and new aromas are generated for at least up to 12/18 months.


Tais report:

  • Color: Dark mahogany
  • Nose: Grapesyrup. Plum compote aroma.
  • Mouth: Balance between sweetness and sourness.
  • Persistent fresh and clean aftertaste, with hints of caramel and sun-dried nuts and dried fruit


  • At any time
  • Aperitif before meals.
  • Wine for deserts.
  • It goes with all kinds of sweets.