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Pursuant toLaw 34/2002, of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce  (Ley  de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico -LSSI),  we inform:

  1. Purpose.
Art. 10 LSSI:www.vinosga.comisan internet domainowned byVINOS G. A. GENOVEVO GARCIA ALAMO, S.L., withregistered office inC/ NUÑEZ DE BALBOA 25, 1D, 28001 Madrid and TAX ID Number B79429387The company has registered in the Companies Registry Madrid Tomo 191 del libro de soc. Folio 88, Hoja nº 14-3852 Inscrip. 1ª, 28-6-90.

For the purposes ofthis document, thetelephone contact number is 914296716 and the contact emailis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thislegal notice regulatesthe use ofthe domain.

The useof this website means you agreetheconditions includedin this Notice.In the case ofcertain services, content and / or tools offeredvia this websiterequiringthe application ofspecial conditions, these shall make available touser.

Moreover, it warns that both the content and services of this website and the own conditions of use may be modified without notice


2.                Conditions of use.

The User agreesto providetruthful, accurate and complete informationabout its identity.

 In addition, the user agreestokeep personal data update that couldbe provided to thedomain holder; therefore, thedata holderissolely responsible forthe falsehoodsorinaccuracies thereof.

In the event ofminors they  must havethepermissionof their parents,guardians or legalrepresentatives to accessto the provided services . VINOS G. A. GENOVEVO GARCIA ALAMO, not responsibleinthe event of inexactorfalse data related with  this issue.

  • Thewebsite may only be usedfor lawful purposes; therefore theuser agrees tomake a lawfuland honestuseunderthese Termsof Use, and not using theservicesof the websitefor conductscontrary to theSpanishlegislation, morality and public order. The userassumes all responsibilitiesfor damagesagainst theholder of this websiteor third partiesthat may arise fromillegal practicesor impermissibleactivitiesas the following:


-To performwithout prior approvalany manipulation or alterationof this page, the holder of the Websitedoes not assume anyliability arisingfromsuch manipulationor alteration bythird parties.

-To take any actionthatcould damage,disable,overburden,or impair thewebsite and its servicesas well as to hinder the normaluse andutilization byUsers.

- To introduce and/ orusecomputer software, data, corrupted files, viruses, malicious code, computer or telecommunicationsequipment orany other, regardless of their naturewhichcandamage thiswebsite.

-To violatethe rights of privacy,self-image, confidentiality of communications, intellectual property and industrial property of third parties.
- To hideanddisguise the originofemails.
- To usefalse identities,to supplant the identity ofothers in the useof this Websiteor theuse ofany of its services.

-To play, distribute, modify or copy thecontent of this page, unless you have the permission oftheholder of this websiteor beinglegally entitled for it.
- To transmitusernamesandpasswords to unauthorized third parties.

VINOS G. A. GENOVEVO GARCIA ALAMO, S.L. is not liable forlinkstoother websitesand their existencedoes not imply thatVINOS G. A. GENOVEVO GARCIA ALAMO, S.L.approves or accepts theircontents and services.These other websitesare not controlledbyVINOS G. A. GENOVEVO GARCIA ALAMO, S.L.neither covered by thisdata protection Policy.. If you access to otherwebsites using thelinks provided, theoperatorsof thesewebsites may gather your personal information.Make sure you aresatisfied withthe data protection policiesof thesethird-party websitesbefore providingany personalinformation.

In general,domain holder excludes its liability forany damagethat may result fromthe use of the website, or resulting fromthe infringementof the rights ofintellectual and industrialproperty byusersand /or lack oftruthfulness, accuracy,andtimeliness of the content. Neither mayberequiredresponsibilitiesto the domains holderdue tointerruption of services,undesired operationsor inability toaccess the service.

Thedomain holder isnot liable fordamagescausedby the presence ofviruses or otherharmfulsoftware that couldproduce alterationsin the computer systemof the user.

The website,its programs, designs, logos, text and / or graphics areproperty of the providerof the websiteorhas a proper license orexpress authorizationof the authors.

Any total or partialreproduction, use, exploitation, distribution and marketing, always requiresthe prior authorizationof thedomain holder.

The useragrees not toperformany contrary acts tothe rightsof intellectualand industrial property of the author.

The service providerauthorizes third partiesto redirect directlyto the specific contentsof this websitebut shouldbe redirected to the mainwebsite of the provider.

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4.                Data Protection

You can consult our data protection policy on our website:


5.                Applicable Law

These Termsshall be governedat all timesby the provisions oftheSpanishlegislation