Vermouth Hituelo

Wine appetizer craftsmanship that part of a cuvée that is sweetened and flavored with extracts of certain herbs that give it its character of old formula.

These herbs that nature gives us, once dried and pressed, are macerated in alcohol solution for the time necessary to extract all its aromatic power and then rest in American oak casks.

It can be enjoyed either alone, with ice or combined with other drinks.



  • In order to obtain the base wines, we careful select the best old wines to obtain the necessary rounchess that this type of wine requires. Wines are refrigerated for their tartaric stabilization, and then they are coupaged.
  • Once coupaged, sugar and extracts are added we produce the macerating the selected herbs in woodem casks the old way for as needed and then pressing to obtain the precios liquor.
  • Once alcohol content and the richness of sugars are corrected, and exhaustive standardization tasting takes place for the product to obtain a constant quality.
  • Once retouched, the final filtering takes place to obtain, as a result, this excellent aperitif.

Tasting report:

  • Color: Mahogany with copper sparkles.
  • Nose: Intense and fragrant , with herbal elements of Marjoram mugwort and sage standing out, among others. Fresh and aromatic aroma invites for tasting.
  • Mouth: It shows weight and consistency. Round and Power full step: Long end with a powerful herb and spicy finish.
  • Bitter aftertaste, very pleasant, with sweet elements.

Gastronoy and Pairing:

  • Perfect as aperitif before meals and diner.
  • Also for mid-afternoon and as a gathering partner.
  • In the evening, with a little gin, it becomes an excellent drink. Preferably, drink with ice and lemon slice, although always as desired by the consumer.