Lágrimas del Jabalón

Sweet wine with 15% x 9 Baume extraordinary varietal aroma. Obtained exclusively from grapes carefully selected variety Muscatel Romano. In preparing a run juice Overpressing used without using the traditional method of making sweet wines.

Noted as a snack at any time at a temperature between 8 ° and 12 °, or at room with all kinds of sweets and desserts temperature.

Indicado a cualquier hora como aperitivo a una temperatura entre 8° y 12°, o bien a temperatura ambiente con todo tipo de dulces y postres
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  • Type: Muscatel
  • Area of production: Valentian Community
  • Grapes varieties: Muscatel and Alexandria
  • Type of bottle: Jerezana, 1 liter
  • Containers: Boxxes of 6 one-liter bottles
  • Boxes of 12 one-liter bottles
  • Alcohol content: 15% Vol.
  • Density 1.0584
  • Baume degrees:8.0l
  • Free SO2: 32mg/l – Total SO2: 12l mg/l
  • Total acidity: 2.6g/l – Volatile Acidity: 0.18g/l


  • Excluscive Muscat of Alexandria grapes. It grows a lot by the Mediterranean bank. One pressed, they remain vatted for several hours at low temperature (coated criomaceration).
  • This is clone to increase the extraction of varietal aromas from the muscatel present on the skin of grape.
  • They are sofly pressed to extract the first must, “flower must”.
  • We lead with vinic alcohol, paralyzing the fermentation to preserve the sugars from the grapes. We stabilize it with cold temperature and filter it.
  • 100% natural Muscatel.

Tasting report:

  • Color: Golden Ambar
  • Nose: Jasmine, citrus blossom aroma with an orange bark background,
  • Mouth: Raisins, dates and died peaches aroma.
  • Long aftertaste, aroma of raisins stands out.


  • As aperitif with foie gras or canapés, strong cheeses.
  • To finish and meal before dessert.
  • With shakes or sorbets
  • For confectionery.


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